Be Universal is a platform that aggregates female athletes and through marketing strategies empowers their careers, world awareness, and finally value. These athletes come from various sports, backgrounds, sports achievements and nationalities. From amateur profiles to Olympic athletes and World Champions, Be Universal will be the major source of female athletes empowerment.

The influence of sports in the financial markets has always been important but in our days, with the massive growth of the transactions between sports clubs, the athletes themselves have gone from players to entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, this tendency is mainly happening only in the case of male athletes. And that is where Be Universal will work and make the difference! Empowering female athletes to the same level of influence as their masculine counterparts.

However, there are stats that prove a future change, showing an opportunity to be optimistic. The number of fans attending elite women’s sporting events is set to touch 682,000 this year, a 49 percent increase from 2017, according to a study by sports marketing agency Two Circles.

Attendances have grown an average of 38 percent each year since 2013, according to the study. This is where Be Universal will work and make the difference, empowering the upcoming change!

Digital marketing is the most efficient, widespread, influential, most used (but sometimes not well used) and less expensive marketing strategy of our present days.

Being this, we got this trigger –asset– to help grow our female athlete’s influence rank. They will be managed by our team of advisors and digital marketers so that their acknowledgment growth is exponential and that the major opportunities are closely taken care of, and maximized.

With all, in Be Universal we know that to achieve this awareness in a short time, and efficiently, we will need to cover the world with our digital marketing strategies, and have as allies the biggest potencies in the financial world.

The Asian markets will be one of our advantages, as we’ve dealt with it for years in other parallel projects. We are within this market and we know how, when, with and who to communicate to make it happen. Moreover, we can access to well-known European brands that we have been previously working with, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Movistar, Red Bull, Powerade or FCB.

In Be Universal, we will create the reborn of the female athletes and with their influence, we will bring a million opportunities for several brands within various branches.


Welcome to #BeUniversal!

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